Python Agent

Released on: 
Wednesday, September 6, 2017 - 10:00


This release of the Python agent adds support for monitoring of outbound gRPC requests and adds an API for cross application tracing of custom non-HTTP transports. For details on APIs for cross application tracing see the cross application tracing document.

The agent can be installed using easy_install/pip/distribute via the Python Package Index  or can be downloaded directly from the New Relic download site.

New Features

  • Add API for cross application tracing of non-HTTP external services

    A new API is now exposed for implementing cross application tracing in custom instrumentation of non-HTTP transport libraries. For usage of this API see the cross application tracing document.

  • Add instrumentation for gRPC client calls

    Outbound gRPC requests will now show up in APM under the External Services tab and in transaction traces.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes erroneous recording of TastyPie NotFound exceptions

When a TastyPie API view raised a NotFound exception resulting in a 404 response, the agent may have erroneously recorded the exception. This has now been fixed.