PHP Agent

Released on: 
Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 12:00

New Features

Avoid potential memory exhaustion for long running transactions

  • The configuration settings newrelic.transaction_tracer.max_segments_cli and newrelic.transaction_tracer.max_segments_web were added. These settings can be used to limit the number of segments the PHP agent records during a CLI transaction and a web transaction respectively.

    newrelic.transaction_tracer.max_segments_cli defaults to 100000 and thus avoids potential memory exhaustion for long running CLI transactions.

    newrelic.transaction_tracer.max_segments_web defaults to 0, meaning that the PHP Agent shall capture all segments during a web transaction.

    For more information, see the documentation about the PHP agent configuration.

Performance improvements

  • The PHP agent now creates segments in a more efficient way, which results in improved performance.

Bug fixes

  • The Debian init script now uses pidof instead of ps. This solves issues related to starting the daemon with systemctl on Debian. Previously, the daemon would start and immediately stop.