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PHP agent v6.5.0.166

July 28, 2016

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • The behavior of the installer when attempting to detect PHP installations has been tightened up. Previously, a directory structure such as /usr/local/php/php/* would be detected as an installation of PHP in /usr/local/php, as the nested php directory would be wrongly assumed to be a PHP CLI binary. The installer now checks if the nested php (or php-config) is a directory, and ignores the path if so.

    Although this is likely to improve the installer in multiple environments, most noticeably, this fix removes erroneous messages about there being multiple PHP installations when installing the PHP agent within the Docker Hub's official PHP images.

  • Spurious messages like ALERT: oops, unknown child could appear in the PHP FPM log when a New Relic daemon process was started. This has been fixed.

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