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Node.js agent v8.5.1

November 3, 2021Download


  • Fixed bug where failure to retrieve CPU/Memory details for certain Linux distros could result in a crash.

    parseProcCPUInfo and parseProcMeminfo now check for null input prior to processing.

  • Updated README to favor using -r to load the agent vs require('newrelic').

  • Updated @newrelic/test-utilities to 6.1.1 and applied a global sampling value of 10 for versioned tests.

  • Migrated utilization unit tests from mocha to tap.

  • Migrated logger unit tests from mocha to tap.

  • Cleaned up or added future removal comments for several deprecation warnings.

  • Added a script and corresponding CI job that will check for PRs that have been merged and not release and notify the team in a private slack channel.

  • Updated the versioned test runner to always run against minor versions.

  • Fixed a high severity npm audit failure.

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