Node Agent 6.4.0

Released on: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 15:00

New Features

  • Added support for W3C Trace Context, with easy upgrade from New Relic trace context.

    • Distributed Tracing now supports W3C Trace Context headers for HTTP protocols when distributed tracing is enabled. Our implementation can accept and emit both the W3C trace header format and the New Relic trace header format. This simplifies agent upgrades, allowing trace context to be propagated between services with older and newer releases of New Relic agents. W3C trace header format will always be accepted and emitted. New Relic trace header format will be accepted, and you can optionally disable emission of the New Relic trace header format.

    • When distributed tracing is enabled with distributed_tracing.enabled: true, the Node agent will now accept W3C's traceparent and tracestate headers when calling TransactionHandle#acceptDistributedTraceHeaders or automatically via http instrumentation. When calling Transaction#insertDistributedTraceHeaders, or automatically via http instrumentation, the Node agent will include the W3C headers along with the New Relic distributed tracing header, unless the New Relic trace header format is disabled using distributed_tracing.exclude_newrelic_header:true.

    • Added TransactionHandle#acceptDistributedTraceHeaders API for accepting both New Relic and W3C TraceContext distributed traces.

      Deprecated TransactionHandle#acceptDistributedTracePayload which will be removed in a future major release.

    • Added TransactionHandle#insertDistributedTraceHeaders API for adding outbound distributed trace headers. Both W3C TraceContext and New Relic formats will be included unless distributed_tracing.exclude_newrelic_header: true.

      Deprecated TransactionHandle#createDistributedTracePayload which will be removed in a future major release.

    Known Issues and Workarounds

    • If a .NET agent is initiating traces as the root service, do not upgrade your downstream Node New Relic agents to this agent release.


  • Improved Transaction and Trace ID generation.

  • AWS Lambda

    • Added collection of additional AWS Lambda event source meta data.
    • Added event type detection for lambda invocation events.
    • Expanded ARN harvest to include ALB and CloudWatch.


  • Fixed issue where lambda invocation errors were not noticed in Node 10 or Node 12 environments.

  • Pins Node 12 CI/testing version to v12.15 to avoid breakages with v12.16.0 until cause(s) resolved.

  • Updated publish-docs script to use npm run instead of make.