Node Agent 4.13.0

Released on: 
Thursday, December 20, 2018 - 12:30

New features

  • The agent now reacts to failed New Relic requests based on response code, as opposed to parsing an exception message in the response body.


  • Fixed clearing of active harvest via _stopHarvester()

  • Fixed handling of harvest endpoints when not all fail.

  • Added agent state "connecting" to indicate when handshake with New Relic servers is starting. This can be triggered on startup and restarts.

  • Added --no-package-lock to unit and integration rules.

  • Released protocol_17 feature flag.

  • Replaced nsp with npm audit in security checks.

  • Collector now specify application/json content-type when data is compressed instead of octet-stream.

  • Bumped ecmaVersion in test .eslintrc to 8