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.NET agent v8.40.1.0

July 8, 2021


  • Fixes issue #485: SendDataOnExit configuration setting will prevent Infinite Traces data sending interuption on application exit. (#550)
  • Fixes issue #155: MVC invalid Action for valid Controller can cause MGI. (#608)
  • Fixes issue #186: Attribute based Routing (ex WebAPI) can cause transaction naming issues. (#612)
  • Fixes issue #463: Handle OPTIONS requests for asp.net applications. (#612)
  • Fixes issue #551: Missing external calls in WCF Service. (#610)
  • Fixes issue #616: Linux Kudu not accessible when .NET agent presents. (#618)
  • Fixes issue #266: Agent fails to initialize and provides no logs when configured with capitalized booleans. (#617)
  • Explain plans will be created if transactionTracer.explainEnabled is true and one or both transactionTracer.enabled or slowSql.enabled are true. If transactionTracer.explainEnabled is false or both transactionTracer.enabled and slowSql.enabled are false, no Explain Plans will be created.
  • Fixes issue #600: Thread id will now be used in agent logging, even if a thread name has been set. (#626)
  • Fixes issue #476: When generating and explain plan MS SQL parsing is matching parts of words instead of whole words
  • Fixes issue #477: SQL Explain plans MS SQL parser needs to be able to ToString an object to work with parameterized queries
    • Improves handling serializable types like DateTimeOffset
    • The presence DbTypes Binary and Object will prevent an Explain Plan from being executed. In order to execute an explain plan, the agent must replace any parameters in a query with the real values. Binary and Object are too complex to properly serialize without introducing errors.


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Support statement

New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly and at a minimum every 3 months. As of this release, the oldest supported version is .NET Agent 8.13.798.0.


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