.NET Agent

Released on: 
Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 12:00

New Features

  • Proxy Password Obfuscation Support
    Agent configuration supports the obfuscation of the proxy password. The New Relic Command Line Interface (CLI) may be used to obscure the proxy password. The following documentation describes how to use an obscured proxy password in the .NET Agent configuration.

  • MySqlConnector Support
    The MySqlConnector ADO.NET driver is instrumented by default. Fixes #85 and implements this suggestion.

  • Nullable Reference Type support in the API
    Enables nullable reference types that are part of the C# 8.0 language specification and updates the signatures of API methods accordingly. There should be no required changes in API usage.

  • Improved Support for NetTCP Binding in WCF Instrumentation
    When the NetTCP Binding type is used in Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), the Agent will now send and receive trace context information in support of Distributed Tracing (DT) or Cross Application Tracing (CAT). Implements #209.


  • Fixes an issue that may cause InvalidCastException due to an assembly version mismatch in Mvc3 instrumentation.
  • Fixes an async timing issue that can cause the end time of Task-returning methods to be determined incorrectly.


File SHA-256 Hash
newrelic-agent-win- 992B077AF9F8966F3F4B7925B6ACB5CE18390EF16115DBE136723EFC3965F3AB
newrelic-agent-win-x64- A675DA40B522551B3DBBCA49941143940A5253E88DD59F26E5B2C862EF6A48FE
newrelic-agent-win-x64- 9ABAE87713705DA3C7C3C65BA89DA4A0FE9E05739E00A90152882BF37E3F1679
newrelic-agent-win-x86- 98D21C44C55663BB5DA762C1FAFA576EAAE24D7A62B6BAAC8337813DF1F0A9BC
newrelic-agent-win-x86- 846F9B0E36B6F374AE547FD9AD9AB508A47D4D8567E9EAE20F18136F762F5E86
newrelic-netcore20-agent- 6E6148B069E4B55F7E001AA2524EC5B75306E1901005977FA76F8AD3834E5541
newrelic-netcore20-agent-win- 842D04237B478A35E3634A92B1E21C734227B6173CE587F790F66E7209163550
newrelic-netcore20-agent-win-x64- 81D9ABE4DC782CBDAA0B3F8EF2D3AE9E545DE9DB9A9B3BF2F3FD4AF4AFCA9FA2
newrelic-netcore20-agent-win-x86- 6A78FD50FF666EFAA65AA97EA0FDE8F97BBEA7223DAEFAB2AC929F43F4A696E9
newrelic-netcore20-agent_8.32.0.0_amd64.deb CE44BF8463B0BFD7AE711ACDB4EB07553CBB8F68066CCFA09FAEFB830D53277C
newrelic-netcore20-agent_8.32.0.0_amd64.tar.gz 695A77EC5693349E8122B59AD1655DE4AA41CB484C7580A2BFAE5726129CE371