.NET Agent

Released on: 
Monday, August 17, 2020 - 12:00

New Features

  • Expected Errors Support
    Certain errors that are expected within the application may be identified so that they will not be counted towards the application's error rate and Apdex Score. Only errors that truly affect the health of the application will be alerted on. Please review the following documentation for details on how to configure Expected Errors.

  • Ignored Errors Enhancements
    Certain errors may be identified in configuration so that they will be ignored. These errors will not be counted towards the application's error rate, Apdex score, and will not be reported by the agent. Please review the following documentation for details on how to configure Ignored Errors.

    • New configuration element <ignoreMessages>supports filtering based on the error message.
    • Please note that the <ignoreErrors> configuration element has been deprecated and replaced by <ignoreClasses>. The .NET Agent continues to support this configuration element, but its support may be removed in the future.


  • Garbage Collection Performance Metrics for Windows
    Fixes an issue where Garbage Collection Performance Metrics may not be reported for Windows Applications.

  • Maintaining newrelic.config on Linux package upgrades
    Fixes an issue where newrelic.config was being overwritten when upgrading the agent via either rpm/yum (RedHat/Centos) or dpkg/apt (Debian/Ubuntu).


File SHA-256 Hash
newrelic-agent-win- 1A7D11F91E36259BED3C5A99ACB7FDD967BEACE36AC744401CB3D8D1A2FF1D48
newrelic-agent-win-x64- 4F9AB318FCD3956703E659A3B2C8F4C4F1C51F479F479659B384DEA64A701813
newrelic-agent-win-x64- D0F4BE582B090B7B6F6EF76B837904A8DA18713E2715E6573145B9AB11603560
newrelic-agent-win-x86- C28C875482B22A4D929FFDB1E9EC46EF2CA1EDEDAE46360DC5E257CF5BF86E3F
newrelic-agent-win-x86- B689142C9B5373EB0272D6C3C3759E1A9DD2717A4FE79140BC9B766E8FABF71D
newrelic-netcore20-agent- 4B56330CDD2F8BA7D661A5ECC47E9C53AA52D1295D9F67748BF1F342BA6852EE
newrelic-netcore20-agent-win- 27DB97C3B407115033EAC92DC608567E7C605E5D91297EFD298EA84E78F3BB71
newrelic-netcore20-agent-win-x64- 3DAFB26542734531311C7963870EA21F43E028BB00EA4044D70DF18A58993484
newrelic-netcore20-agent-win-x86- 55B3EBEA7298D5DC47A5FC72C81327C6B62EE560445E3595FDA88BE464532898
newrelic-netcore20-agent_8.31.0.0_amd64.deb 14EB3E46E1A540A020433CA83EDAC75076C1DF9D8894C205582A1FE0330B1981
newrelic-netcore20-agent_8.31.0.0_amd64.tar.gz 5EA9620DE0D3EA72859EEC058E3CD811F8BAFCAB6957F005B9D1EFC73A9CB400