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.NET agent v8.30.0.0

July 16, 2020

New Features

  • The .NET agent is now open source!
    The New Relic .NET agent is now open source! Now you can view the source code to help with troubleshooting, observe the project roadmap, and file issues directly in this repository. We are now using the Apache 2 license. See our Contributing guide and Code of Conduct for details on contributing!


  • Memory usage reporting for Linux
    Fixes issue where applications running on Linux were either reporting no physical memory usage or using VmData to report the physical memory usage of the application. The agent now uses VmRSS through a call to Process.WorkingSet64 to report physical memory usage. See the dotnet runtime discussion and the proc man pages for more details about this change.
  • Infinite Tracing performance
    Fixes issue where the agent may consume too much memory when using Infinite Tracing.
  • .NET 5 support
    Fixes issue with applications running on .NET 5 that prevented instrumentation changes at runtime (either though editing instrumentation XML files or through the Live Instrumentation editor Beta).


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