Java Agent 5.4.0

Released on: 
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 13:07


  • x-ray and any x-ray related attributes and identifiers will no longer be available in this version of the java agent. The New Relic x-ray feature reached end-of-life on April 17, 2019


  • OkHttp This release adds support for OkHttp 4.0. You will now see OkHttp calls as external calls in New Relic.

  • Agent configuration settings set via environment variables will be available on the Environment page.

  • Improves performance of the Java agent.


  • Transaction Traces would occasionally miss segments when using the spring @Async annotation with servlets.

  • Jax-RS instrumentation was not starting transactions.

  • A potential race condition during agent startup that would manifest as a NoClassDefFoundError for internal New Relic classes.

  • Akka-http instrumentation would attempt multiple retransforms of the same class.

  • The noticeError API would drop custom attributes that weren't of type String, Number, or Boolean, such as an Enum or other custom types.