Java agent 4.11.0

Released on: 
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 10:29


  • Vert.x 3.6

    The Java agent now provides visibility into your applications built using the Vert.x 3.6. The agent instruments Vert.x Web, Vert.x Core, and Vert.x HTTP client. With this instrumentation, the agent will identify and name your transactions based on Vert.x web routing paths. The agent will also time web handlers, track async handlers, and external calls made with Vert.x HTTP client.

  • Wildfly 12-15

    The agent now supports Wildfly versions 12 through 15


  • Fixes an issue where applications using neo4j bolt JDBC driver could fail to start.
  • "log_daily" configuration did not respect documented precedence
  • Fixes a bug that caused the Spring Webflux instrumentation to fail to apply for spring-webflux versions greater than 5.0.*
  • Fixes an issue where transactions would not be fully reported if distributed_tracing.enabled = true and cross_application_tracer.enabled = false
  • Fixes an issue where Akka Http application would not start with the agent attached when using sbt
  • Fixes an issue where the agent could fail to determine the Hostname