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Java agent v3.41.0

July 25, 2017Download


  • Vert.x

    The Java agent now provides visibility into your applications built using the Vert.x toolkit (supported versions 3.3.0 through 3.4.2). The agent instruments Vert.x Web, Vert.x Core, and Vert.x HTTP client. With this instrumentation, the agent will identify and name your transactions based on Vert.x web routing paths. The agent will also time web handlers, track async handlers, and external calls made with Vert.x HTTP client.

  • Slick

    With this release, the Java agent now supports Slick 3.2

  • API

    Added ExtendedRequest API class to report content-length for HTTP responses. See Transaction.setWebResponse API for more details.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in Netty instrumentation that cause erroneous reporting of NettyDispatcher transactions. This affected transactions responding large incoming requests.
  • Fixed bug that caused agent to not report error rate metrics. The UI would show application errors, but error rate would show up as 0%. This was introduced in 3.38.0.
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