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Java agent v3.29.0

May 24, 2016Download
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  • JDBC instrumentation

    • JDBC ResultSet instrumentation performance has been improved.
    • Instrumentation has been added for:
    • i-Net Merlia 7.0.3 database driver
    • Generic JDBC drivers
  • Cassandra

    This release adds instrumentation for the Cassandra Datastax 3.0 Driver including slow query support. You’ll see relevant breakdowns in the overview chart, entries in the Databases tab, and segments in transaction traces.

    Note: Uses of the client's async API are not currently supported.


  • Fixed a bug which caused some applications that use Play and Ning AsyncHttpClient to miss transactions.
  • Fixed an issue which would cause the thread profiler to not report data while profiling some Scala classes.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a RuntimeException is thrown during class transformation which can prevent some instrumentation from being applied.
  • Fixes a rare case where Tomcat ClassLoaders could leak memory when using a JDBC driver bundled in your application after reloading a web application.
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