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Go agent v3.0.0

December 17, 2019Download


We are pleased to announce the release of Go Agent v3.0.0! This is a major release that includes some breaking changes that will simplify your future use of the Go Agent.

Please pay close attention to the list of Changes.


  • A full list of changes and a step by step checklist on how to upgrade can be found in the v3 Migration Guide.

New Features

  • Support for Go Modules. Our Go agent integration packages support frameworks and libraries which are changing over time. With support for Go Modules, we are now able to release instrumentation packages for multiple versions of frameworks and libraries with a single agent release; and support operation of the Go agent in Go Modules environments. This affects naming of our integration packages, as described in the v3 Migration Guide (see under "Changes" above).
  • Detect and set hostnames based on Heroku dyno names. When deploying an application in Heroku, the hostnames collected will now match the dyno name. This serves to greatly improve the usability of the servers list in APM since dyno names are often sporadic or fleeting in nature. The feature is controlled by two new configuration options Config.Heroku.UseDynoNames and Config.Heroku.DynoNamePrefixesToShorten.
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