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C SDK v1.3.0

January 8, 2020Download

New Features

  • Support for Real Time Streaming

    • Event data is now sent to New Relic every five seconds, instead of every minute. As a result, transaction, error, and custom events will now be available in New Relic One and Insights dashboards in near real time. For more information on how to view your events with a five-second refresh, see the real time streaming documentation.
    • Note that the overall limits on how many events can be sent per minute have not changed. Also, span events, metrics, and trace data is unaffected, and will still be sent every minute.

Bug Fixes

  • A default configuration created with newrelic_create_app_config() will now work as expected with license keys for non-US accounts.

  • For inbound distributed tracing payloads with invalid or missing values for pr (priority) and/or sa (sampled) the agent used to assign a default priority of -1 and/or a default sampled value of false to the transaction.

    This has been fixed: the agent now keeps initial priority and sampled values if the respective values in the inbound distributed tracing payload are missing or invalid.

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