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Guide to measuring DevOps success

Follow these guides to enable your DevOps team for success. The solutions in these guides provide best practices for using New Relic at every stage of measuring DevOps success: Preparing, Activating, and Optimizing. Each of these guides focus on identifying key performance metrics and creating a greater digital experience for customers. Monitoring with New Relic from the beginning to the end of your journey lets you measure your DevOps impact at every step of the way.

Prepare your DevOps team

Preparing your DevOps team for measurable success starts by setting clear service level objectives (SLOs), and putting instrumentation in place to quantitatively understand progress.

Activate well-defined processes

Define and hone your process using New Relic Alerts, APM, and Insights.

Optimize your team, process, and enterprise

Continue to monitor with New Relic to constantly optimize your performance and customer experience.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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