iOS user settings and authentication

This explains how to authenticate your New Relic iOS app account, and how to add users to or remove them from your iOS device.

User authentication

Depending on your New Relic account, additional installation or authentication steps may be required when you install the New Relic iOS app.

New Relic account Additional requirements
New users

If you do not already have a New Relic account, you must create a New Relic account from your browser, and then install your application with the appropriate New Relic agent.

As part of new account setup, you will receive an email with a password reset link. The password reset link expires after 20 minutes for mobile.

Users with New Relic partner accounts Depending on the partner, you may need to complete a different authentication process for the New Relic iOS app.
Users with SAML-SSO enabled accounts When you sign in to New Relic's iOS app, your session redirects automatically to your web browser. From there you can sign in to your New Relic SAML-SSO enabled account.
Existing New Relic users No additional requirements; your applications, servers, installed plugins, and key transactions automatically appear in your New Relic iOS app after you sign in.

User settings

All New Relic accounts associated with the user automatically appear in the iPhone/iPad app once the user has logged in. You may also want to change user settings to: add/remove usernames to the device and switch between a user's accounts.

Sign in with additional username

To sign in to the app with an additional username:

  1. Access the Users menu. On iPhone: app's menu > your account name. On iPad: select the user icon icon-ios-app-user or slide right.
  2. From the Users menu, select the plus icon ios plus icon.
  3. Sign in with the additional username.
Switch between accounts

To switch between accounts associated with your username:

  1. From the Users menu, select the username.
  2. Select the account name.
Remove a username

To remove a specific username from this device:

  1. From the Users menu, select Logout.
  2. To remove a user from this device, select the user's red minus [minus-circle] icon.
  3. Select the user's Log out icon ios plus icon.

To add a user again, sign in with that username again.

Select the user icon or slide right to show the New Relic iPad app's Users menu.

Azure Store users

Due to the deep integration between Azure Storefront and New Relic, Azure Storefront users cannot access their accounts on the New Relic Android or iOS apps.

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