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Component kitchen sink for testing


Collapser Groups

Code Block

<TabsBarItem id="tab-1">Tab one</TabsBarItem>
<TabsBarItem id="tab-2">Tab two</TabsBarItem>
<TabsBarItem id="tab-3">Tab three</TabsBarItem>
<TabsPageItem id="tab-panel-1">Contents for tab one</TabsPageItem>
<TabsPageItem id="tab-panel-2">Contents for tab two</TabsPageItem>
<TabsPageItem id="tab-panel-3">Contents for tab three</TabsPageItem>


This tab has an image.

A screenshot of a popover

Contents for tab two

This tab has a code block.

metadata = {"environment": "notebook"}
model_version = "1.0"
features_columns, labels_columns = (
["feature_1", "feature_2", "feature_3", "feature_4"],


This is an example of an inline popover component for

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