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Custom Docker image registry

You can use Pixie if your environment requires the use of a custom Docker image registry.

During the installation, use Helm to point the Pixie containers at your custom repositories. See the Custom Image Registry process for setting up the custom images.

If you want to use a custom registry, add the following parameters to your newrelic-bundle Helm chart during installation:

--set pixie-chart.registry="[YOUR REGISTRY URL]"

For example, if you want to configure Pixie to use an AWS ECR registry, append the following configuration parameter with your actual AWS account ID and region to your Helm install or Helm upgrade command.

--set pixie-chart.registry="[AWS ACCOUNT ID].dkr.ecr.[AWS REGION].amazonaws.com"

If you're performing a brand new install, you need to append pixie-chart.registry to the helm upgrade --install command that provides the guided install of New Relic.

helm repo add newrelic https://helm-charts.newrelic.com && helm repo update && \
kubectl create namespace newrelic ; helm upgrade --install newrelic-bundle newrelic/nri-bundle \
--set global.licenseKey=[NEW RELIC API KEY FROM GUIDED INSTALL] \
--set global.cluster=[YOUR CLUSTER NAME] \
--namespace=newrelic \
--set newrelic-infrastructure.privileged=true \
--set global.lowDataMode=true \
--set ksm.enabled=true \
--set kubeEvents.enabled=true \
--set newrelic-pixie.enabled=true \
--set newrelic-pixie.apiKey=[PIXIE API KEY FROM GUIDED INSTALL] \
--set pixie-chart.enabled=true \
--set pixie-chart.deployKey=[PIXIE DEPLOY KEY FROM GUIDED INSTALL] \
--set pixie-chart.clusterName=[YOUR CLUSTER NAME] \
--set pixie-chart.registry="[YOUR REGISTRY URL]"

Use the following if you're upgrading an existing install:

helm upgrade newrelic-bundle newrelic/nri-bundle --reuse-values -n newrelic --set pixie-chart.registry="[YOUR REGISTRY URL]"

Include the following if you're using a values.yaml file to configure your Helm chart:

registry: "[YOUR REGISTRY URL]"
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