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Metric data gaps with cloud integrations


You've set up your AWS, Azure, or GCP integration and are monitoring your metrics. However, you notice gaps in your metric data charts.

Screenshot showing gaps in metric data charts.

This screenshot shows a metric data chart with gaps.


Here’s a list of metrics which might show gaps in your metric data. If possible, avoid setting up alerts for these metrics because we know they can generate false positives.


This list isn't complete. We're currently reviewing the full list of metrics that can cause data gaps.


Some metrics aren’t present in the usual cloud provider APIs (CloudWatch, Stackdriver, Azure Monitor) and are fetched from the service APIs instead. Each cloud service provider has a unique service API that processes data and interacts with the service. For example, if a metric isn’t present in AWS CloudWatch, New Relic will fetch the metric from the AWS ECS service API.

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