New Relic Infrastructure integrations

New Relic offers many integrations for reporting data from various services and frameworks. Our New Relic Infrastructure integrations report data to the Infrastructure UI, and make that data available for querying and creating custom charts, and for setting alerts.

New Relic Infrastructure include integrations for:

To learn about other integrations, see New Relic integrations.

If we don't offer an integration that suits your needs, you can use our Flex integration tool to create your own integration.

Infrastructure integrations landing page screenshots
On the left is an AWS integration page in New Relic Infrastructure. On the right is a custom-built dashboard using data from the NGINX integration.

Introduction to integrations. Learn about what Infrastructure integrations are, how they work, and what types of data they report.

Available integrations. Learn how to install and enable Infrastructure integrations.

Build your own. Build your own integration and report custom data with our Flex integration tool.