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The agent is not starting and there are no logs


The infrastructure agent is not starting, and logs are not created.


Here are some troubleshooting options for non-root users if the infrastructure agent is not starting and there are no logs:

Check requiretty

To see if requiretty is causing logging issues:

  1. In /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog, look for the message sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo .

  2. If you find this message, edit your /etc/sudoers file with the visudo command and comment or remove the following line: Defaults requiretty

  3. Save and exit the file.

  4. Restart the newrelic-infra service.

Review log permissions

Check the agent's permission to open log_file. It's possible that the log file you are using was created when the agent was running as root, and now the nri-agent user does not have permissions to write it.

To solve this, try one of these options:

  • Change the owner of the log file.

  • Change the log_file entry in the /etc/newrelic-infra.yml configuration file. Our installation scripts create the /var/log/newrelic-infra/ folder for that purpose, so we recommend the following value:

    log_file: /var/log/newrelic-infra/newrelic-infra.log
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