Install Infrastructure for Windows Server

With Infrastructure for Windows, you can monitor not only individual servers, but understand how your service performs as a whole. The Windows agent can run on your own hardware, or in cloud systems such as Amazon EC2 or Windows Azure. Infrastructure supports Windows Server and many Linux distributions. Before installation, review the Compatibility and requirements.

To install Infrastructure with a configuration management tool, see the documentation on Chef and Puppet.

Install for Windows Server

To install the Infrastructure agent on Windows Server:

Do not double-click the installer. This will not fully install the local agent and can result in permissions issues.

  1. Review the agent requirements and supported operating systems. The agent is only compatible with 64-bit architectures.

  2. Download the latest .MSI installer image from

  3. In an admin account, run the install script. To install from the Windows command prompt, run:

    msiexec.exe /qn /i PATH\TO\newrelic-infra.msi
  4. Add your New Relic license key to the license_key attribute in newrelic-infra.yml, located in C:\Program Files\New Relic\newrelic-infra\.

  5. Start the newrelic-infra service. To start from the Windows command prompt, run:

    net start newrelic-infra

Wait a few minutes, then view your server in the Infrastructure UI. If no data appears after waiting a few minutes, follow the troubleshooting steps.

Configure the agent

The only required configuration option is the license_key setting, which is created as part of the installation procedures. You may also want to add custom attributes to annotate your Infrastructure data, or connect your AWS account if your servers are hosted on Amazon EC2.

Whenever you make configuration changes, follow standard procedures to manually start, check the status, stop, or restart the agent.

Update the agent

To update the Infrastructure agent version, replace the agent with the latest version using the msiexec command.

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