Infrastructure and Alerts: Add, edit, or view host alert information

With New Relic Infrastructure, you can create alert conditions directly within the context of what you are currently monitoring with New Relic. For example, if you are monitoring a filter set and notice a problem, you do not need to recreate that criteria from New Relic Alerts.

Instead, you can immediately select your filter set, and tailor the alert condition directly from the chart you are viewing. This helps you proactively manage and monitor the alerting system for your environment. Any alert violations will be created per host within the filter set.

Anyone can view alerts tied to your New Relic Infrastructure account. Only Owner, Admins, or add-on managers can create, modify, or delete conditions.

Create alert conditions in New Relic Infrastructure

Owner, Admins, or add-on managers

To add a New Relic Infrastructure alert condition to a New Relic Alerts policy:

  1. From, select any of these Infrastructure pages: Hosts, Processes, Network, or Storage. Mouse over the chart you want to alert on, select the ellipses [ellipses icon] icon, and then select the bell [bell icon] icon.


    From, select Settings > Alerts, then select [bell icon] Create alert condition.

  2. Type a meaningful condition name.
  3. Select the Alert type, or refer to the examples for additional help with which type to select.
  4. Apply filter sets to identify the set of hosts (and any additional options for interfaces, processes, etc. as applicable) that you want the alert condition to apply to.
  5. Define the Critical (required) and Warning (optional, if available) thresholds for triggering the alert notification.
  6. Optional: To create the condition criteria proactively but not receive alert notifications at this time, turn off the Enabled checkbox option.
  7. Select an existing policy for the new condition.


    Select the option to create a new policy and identify the email for alert notifications.

  8. Select Create.

Alert conditions apply to alert policies. You can select an existing policy or create a new policy with email notifications from the New Relic Infrastructure UI. If you want to use other types of notification channels, create a New Relic Alerts policy.

Create alert conditions for Infrastructure integrations

Owner, Admins, or add-on managers

To create an alert condition for your New Relic Infrastructure integrations, use either of these options:

  • From New Relic Alerts: Select Alert policies > New alert policy > Create new condition and select Infrastructure as the product.
  • From New Relic Infrastructure: Select the Integrations page, then select [bell icon] Set alert for any integration.
  • From New Relic Insights: To create an alert condition while viewing your integration data in Insights, select Create an alert beneath the integration description.

Then continue with the procedures to add an alert condition to Infrastructure.

View host alert events

Anyone included in the policy's notification channel receives alert notifications directly. In addition, anyone with permissions for your New Relic account can view New Relic Infrastructure alert incidents and individual violations through the user interface.

  1. From, select Events.
  2. To change the hosts or time frame, use the search window, Filter set, or Time functions.
  3. From the Events list, select the alert violation.
  4. To view detailed information in New Relic Alerts about the selected violation, select the link.

Update or delete host alert information

Owner, Admins, or add-on managers

To edit, disable (or re-enable), or delete host alert information:

  1. From, select Settings > Alerts.
  2. Optional: Use the search window or Select all checkbox to locate one or more alert conditions.
  3. Select any of the available functions to [pencil icon] edit, disable, enable, or [trash can icon] delete the selected conditions.

Use New Relic Alerts to monitor your entire infrastructure

New Relic Alerts provides a single, coordinated alerting tool across all of your New Relic products. This allows you to manage alert policies and conditions that focus on the metrics for entities that you care about the most, such as Docker containers, JVMs, and more.

Alert features Features in New Relic Infrastructure
Alert policy conditions
Information on alerts
Alert policies

View, add, change, disable, or delete:

  • For policies with a variety of notification channels: Use the New Relic Alerts UI.
  • For policies only needing email notifications: When adding a condition from the New Relic Infrastructure UI: From Infrastructure > Settings > Alerts, select Create a new policy, and add one or more email addresses as needed.

Add host conditions to an existing policy: Use the Infrastructure UI.

Notification channels

To view, add, change, or delete available notification options:

  1. From, select Settings > Alerts.
  2. Optional: Search for the condition or policy name.
  3. From the list of conditions, select the policy link to view notification channel information in the New Relic Alerts UI.

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