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Tarball assisted install of the infrastructure agent for Linux

With the assisted install of the infrastructure agent for Linux, you can make the changes you need to the installation script and configuration file we provide so you can adapt it to your environment.


Assisted install only works for the Systemd, Upstart, and SysV service managers. If you use any other service manager, proceed with the manual install.

Before installation, check the compatibility and requirements.

Install the agent

To install the agent:

  1. Download the packaged agent file or use the following command that automatically fetches a specific version of the agent, its checksum and verifies it after download. Replace ARCH=amd64 with desired architecture (amd64, 386, arm64, arm) and V=1.27.4 with latest or specific version.

    V=1.27.4 ARCH=amd64; echo "https://download.newrelic.com/infrastructure_agent/binaries/linux/${ARCH}/newrelic-infra_linux_${V}_${ARCH}.tar.gz" | { read url; wget "${url}"{,.sum}; shasum -a 256 --check ${url##*/}.sum; }

    From version 1.27.4 on, we provide the tar.gz package GPG signature. You can check the signature procedure and instructions for verification in the infra-agent repository on GitHub.

  2. Unpack the file.

  3. Make sure the file unpacks with the following structure:

    |-- config_defaults.sh
    |-- etc
    | |-- init_scripts
    | | |-- systemd
    | | | `-- newrelic-infra.service
    | | |-- sysv
    | | | `-- newrelic-infra
    | | `-- upstart
    | | `-- newrelic-infra
    | `-- newrelic-infra
    | `-- integrations.d
    |-- installer.sh
    |-- usr
    | `-- bin
    | |-- newrelic-infra
    | |-- newrelic-infra-ctl
    | `-- newrelic-infra-service
    `-- var
    |-- db
    | `-- newrelic-infra
    | |-- custom-integrations
    | |-- integrations.d
    | |-- LICENSE.txt
    | `-- newrelic-integrations
    |-- log
    | `-- newrelic-infra
    `-- run
    `-- newrelic-infra
  4. Update your license key in config_defaults.sh.

  5. Optional: Update any other environment parameters in the configuration file.

  6. Execute installer.sh with admin rights.

The script automatically identifies your service manager. If it fails, it will prompt you to manually update it.

Did this doc help with your installation?

Configure your installation

The configuration file config_defaults.sh serves as a source of reference for all the configuration options. It contains the following environment parameters:




Required at agent startup.

The agent home directory.




Required at installation.

The path to the agent binary folder.




Required at installation.

The agent configuration file's location.




Only configuration option required at startup.

The infrastructure agent license key.


Required at agent startup.

The location where the agent will log.




Required at installation.

The privilege level for the agent. Possible values are ROOT, PRIVILEGED or UNPRIVILEGED. For more info see our documentation on agent running modes.




Required at agent startup.

The location where the agent will place its PID file.




Required at agent startup.

The directory containing the configuration files of the integrations.




Required at installation time only when the running mode is set to either PRIVILEGED or UNPRIVILEGED.

The user that will run the agent binary.

What's next?

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