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Understand and use data from infrastructure integrations

With our infrastructure integrations, you can monitor the performance of many popular services. Here are some tips on how to find, understand, and use data reported from infrastructure integrations.

Explore your infrastructure integration's data

The best way to understand infrastructure integrations's data and see what you can do with it is to enable an integration and explore the data in the New Relic UI.

Some recommendations for exploring:

Example NRQL queries

Learn how to build NRQL queries in our Intro to NRQL docs.

Here are some examples of NRQL queries that use integration data:


You can also perform these queries using dimensional metrics.

Tips for using different data types

Integrations can generate metric, event, and inventory data, all of which are available for querying. Here are some tips for using the different types of integration data. For more on using NRQL queries, see Intro to NRQL.

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