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Introduction to on-host integrations

New Relic infrastructure integrations allow you to send data from popular products and services to New Relic. You can select from our list of available on-host integrations to collect and send data to our platform.

Get started

To get started with on-host integrations:

  1. Browse the lists of on-host integrations.
  2. If you do not already have New Relic infrastructure monitoring enabled, install the infrastructure agent.
  3. Follow the procedures to install and configure the selected on-host integration, including prerequisites for compatibility and other requirements.

If we don't currently offer an integration for a service you use, consider creating your own integration with Flex.


After you install and activate an integration, you will be able to:

Monitor remote and multi-tenant configurations

Some configurations may use third party elements, such as databases, which reside in non-accessible, remote hosts. Our integrations can fetch data from local and remote hosts or servers, ensuring a continuous monitoring of your service. They also support multi-tenant clustered configurations. By abstracting the service from the host, multiple entities can be monitored as remote instances.

To activate remote monitoring and multi-tenancy in the Apache, Cassandra, MySQL, NGINX, and Redis integrations, use the remote_monitoring parameter.

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