Close violations manually

Owner, Admins, and Add-on managers

You can close individual Critical (red) violations in an incident manually if they are assigned to the corresponding alert policy as a notification channel.

Automatic closing criteria

Alert conditions automatically close violations in these situations:

  • The opposite of the threshold criteria that triggered the violation occurs.
  • The alert condition is disabled, or the threshold is modified in a way that affects evaluation.
  • The alert condition has a violation time-to-live set, and this period has passed since the associated incident opened. (This applies only to a subset of condition types.)

When any of these situations occur, New Relic Alerts resets the evaluation to start over from the end of the previous violation.

Example: Opposite of threshold closes the violation automatically

An alert condition for Apdex has a Critical condition set to:

Apdex has an apdex score below 0.80 for at least 5 mins

New Relic Alerts will automatically close any open violations under this condition when the Apdex score is above 0.80 for at least 5 minutes.

Manual closing examples

There may be times when you want to close a violation manually, for example:

  • Temporary entities have triggered violations but they no longer exist, so New Relic Alerts cannot close their alert incident records automatically.
  • Your alert condition was set up to send notifications on a custom metric that is no longer reported by the resource's agent.
  • Other situations arise when you need to close a violation immediately.

Close a violation

To close an incident's violation from the user interface:

  1. Go to > Incidents > Open incidents > (select an incident).
  2. At the bottom of the selected incident's Violations page, select the Manually close violation link.

New Relic Alerts records and displays who closed the violation and when.

View a closed violation

To view a violation you have closed manually, use either of these methods:

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