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Get condition recommendations


This feature is a limited release.

Use the New Relic Navigator's mini-overview to get alerts condition recommendations for your monitored entities. With these recommendations, you can create conditions to be notified when your entities aren't performing as they should.


Condition recommendations are only available for APM-monitored entities that have a gray (or unknown) health status.

Why it matters

Condition recommendations are all about making it easier for you to create conditions and thresholds for your entities you'd want to be notified about.

Every recommendation includes one or more metrics that might interest you, as well as a threshold beyond which you might want to be notified.

Get condition recommendations

From the entity detail pane, you can quickly create an alert condition.

Click Add recommended conditions and the UI provides a list of recommended conditions you might want to be notified about.

Select one or more conditions and then assign them to an existing policy or create a new one.

Once you've added a condition, you can change its settings like you can for any other NRQL condition.

How it works

New Relic uses metadata called tags to organize and help you find data.

Our condition recommendations use tags to find possible common conditions among your entities.

Some important attributes, by default, are available for use as tags. For example, the account name, the account ID, and some basic host/server metadata are available as default tags. You can't remove these available-by-default tags.

By comparing entities with similar tags and their common metrics, New Relic uses machine-learning algorithms to recommend conditions, along with anomaly thresholds.

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