November 12, 2020

API keys app

There's a new app for managing your API keys.

With the new API keys app you can create, view, and manage your user keys, ingest-license keys, and ingest-browser keys for your accounts. Any existing keys will continue to work as they have in the past.

The new API keys page also has links to the Insights keys page and the old version of the API keys page, so you can still view and manage account-wide REST API and Admin API keys.

You can access the new API Keys page by heading to the API Keys app in Apps or by selecting API Keys in the Account settings page.

An animated image showing where to find the new API Keys app.
To go to the API keys app, on, click the Extend New Relic One button, and then click API keys. You can also click the account dropdown, click Account settings, then in the left nav click API keys.