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Titles, short titles, and paths

This doc explains the difference between Titles and Short titles. It also delves into how these are affected and affect Paths and Redirects.


Titles are the title rendered at the top of each doc. The title of this doc is Titles, short titles, and paths.

The title of a document is defined in the front matter. This doc's title is defined below:

title: Titles, short titles, and paths

Short titles

Short titles are displayed in the left nav. These are used in cases where the title is a bit too long to be easily scanned. The short title of this doc is Titles and short titles.

The short title is defined in the corresponding navigation file. This doc's short title is defined in src/content/nav/style-guide.yml:

- title: Titles and short titles
path: /docs/style-guide/structure/titles

Read more about editing the left nav.

Paths and redirects

The path and file name of a specific doc has no bearing on the title of that doc. The path for this doc is /docs/style-guide/structure/titles. Notice that although the file is named titles, neither the title or the short title is called Titles.

Redirects fully ignore the title, short title, and path of a doc. It will redirect you to wherever the redirect points. Read more about redirects.

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