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iOS agent v7.4.8

December 11, 2023Download

Fixed in this release

  • Fixes async requests so they appear in distributed tracing.
  • Adds NRFeatureFlag_NewEventSystem feature flag. Enable this flag to use our new, more stable, event system for iOS agent:
  • Adds configurable request header instrumentation to network events:

    • The agent will now produce network event attributes for select header values if it detects headers on the request. The header names to instrument pass into the agent when started.
    • For more information, see Adding Tracked Headers in the Mobile Monitoring documentation.
  • Adds GraphQL attributes to network events:

    • If the agent detects request headers from Apollo GraphQL servers, it will add additional attributes to the network request event.
    • For more information, see Adding Tracked Headers in the Mobile Monitoring documentation.

Other notes

  • With the 7.4.6 release, the XCFramework no longer includes the dsym-upload-tools. You can find the dsym-upload-tools in the dsym-upload-tools folder of the https://github.com/newrelic/newrelic-ios-agent-spm Swift Package Manager repository. Please copy the dsym-upload-tools directory into your application source code directory by copying the XCFramework into your project or using Cocoapods if you're integrating the New Relic iOS Agent. Use the run script below in your Xcode build phases to perform symbol upload steps during app builds in Xcode.
SCRIPT=`/usr/bin/find "${SRCROOT}" "${ARTIFACT_DIR}" -type f -name run-symbol-tool | head -n 1`
/bin/sh "${SCRIPT}" "APP_TOKEN"
  • We recommend using the swift package manager for your installation method.

Support statement

  • As of iOS agent version 7.4.1, the iOS agent will consolidate previously separate XCFramework and tvOS agents into a singular iOS agent.
  • As of this release, the oldest supported version of the XCFramework is 7.3.2.
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