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Infrastructure agent v1.2.6

February 4, 2019


A new version of the agent has been released. Follow standard procedures to update your Infrastructure agent.


  • Added the dns_hostname_resolution configuration option (default: true). If set to false, the agent won't use DNS-based hostname resolution and will ask directly to the operating system.
  • Added ignore_reclaimable configuration option (Linux only), which considers reclaimable memory as part of the free memory (and not part of the used memory). Free memory will be is calculated as: total - free - buffers - cached - sreclaimable, independently of the MemAvailable report from the kernel.


  • In cloud environments, the instance ID retrieval process is more solid during the agent startup. It also allows the agent to be spawned from VM snapshots.


  • Removed total_cores host metric.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the DiskMonitor samples to show devices in the deny list (from the file_devices_ignored configuration option).
  • Fixed Storage Sampler in 32-bit Windows agent.
  • Reduced the incidence of hostname flipping in DNS-based hostname resolution.
  • Fixed a bug that, in the Linux agent, removed the last character of the command line of some process samples.
  • (Linux only) Fixed the used memory values in the System Samples, which in agent 1.2.1 were slightly different from the actual value.
  • Fixed a problem that, when an environment configuration option had a wrong format, caused the rest of the environment variables to not be parsed.
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