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Java agent v3.44.0

November 6, 2017Download
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Known Issue

This release contains a bug that could cause an Akka HTTP 10 app to fail at runtime with a NullPointerException.

Please use version 3.44.1 instead.


  • Supports Play 2.6, Akka HTTP 10, and Scala 2.12.

The agent now provides instrumentation for Play 2.6.x. It also provides instrumentation for Akka HTTP 10. It supports Scala 2.12.x, so Play and Akka HTTP transactions show full detail, including async activity using Scala Promises and Futures.

  • Lowers overhead for Play, Akka, and Scala.

This agent release imposes lower overhead for applications that use Play, Akka, and Scala. The reduction in overhead will be most notable in lightweight applications and microservices.

Unlike previous versions of the agent, by default the agent will not report Scala Futures as transaction segments, and those Futures will not contribute to the transaction’s reported Total Time. For most customers, this change will provide more concise information in transaction trace details, with no loss of insight. If those segments are valuable to you, and you are willing to incur higher overhead, you can enable that instrumentation with the following setting:

enabled: true

Bug Fixes

  • The 3.43.0 version of the agent caused Tomcat to report a ClassFormatException error at startup. The error did not affect the application or agent.
  • High-throughput applications with daily logging enabled and a specified log limit could cause log files to grow without bound.
  • The agent could leak memory when instrumenting the Ning Async Http Client.
  • Akka HTTP content type was not reported.
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