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Java agent v3.27.0

March 30, 2016Download
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  • Spymemcached

    The Java agent now provides visibility into your applications’ usage of Memcached when using the Spymemcached client versions 2.11 to 2.12. You will see the calls in the application breakdown, in trace details, on the Databases page, in Transaction maps, and in Service maps.

  • JDBC Drivers

    This release adds support for the following JDBC drivers:

    • INet Oracle Driver (Oranxo) 3.14
    • Sybase (jConnect) JDBC 3 driver


  • Fixed an issue where the agent treated HTTP headers as being case sensitive, causing CAT to miss under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where error data could be dropped, causing 413 status code errors to be reported in the agent log.
  • Fixed a bug in spray-http and akka-http routing libraries where response times and/or route names could be reported incorrectly when using Futures within the route.
  • Fixed various issues related to the proper handling of multibyte character encoding.
  • Fixed a bug in Java agent version 3.26.x that could cause the Thread Profiler to time out.
  • Fixed a bug where an error could get printed to the agent log when making SQL queries from an asynchronous framework.


In support of an upcoming feature, the Java agent is now capable of reporting class metadata including class method signatures, method annotations, class annotations, field annotations, field types, and field names.

This reporting is on by default and can be explicitly disabled in the agent by setting the property in your newrelic.yml configuration file:

blacklist: send_module_metadata
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