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New AWS/Azure/GCP HOST metrics

December 1, 2023

New Relic Cloud Monitoring Polling integrations [AWS/Azure/GCP] will now fetch additional metrics.

As of December 1st 2023, the New Relic cloud monitoring integrations will report additional metrics. The new metrics are:


  • diskReadOps
  • diskWriteOps
  • diskReadBytes
  • diskWriteBytes
  • NetworkIn
  • NetworkOut
  • NetworkPacketsIn
  • NetworkPacketsOut

Azure VMs:

  • Percentage CPU
  • Network In
  • Network Out
  • Disk Read Bytes
  • Disk Write Bytes
  • Disk Read Operations/Sec
  • Disk Write Operations/Sec

GCP Compute Engine (VMs):

  • instance/cpu/utilization
  • instance/network/received_bytes_count
  • instance/network/received_packets_count
  • instance/network/sent_packets_count
  • instance/network/sent_bytes_count
  • instance/disk/read_bytes_count
  • instance/disk/read_ops_count
  • instance/disk/write_bytes_count
  • instance/disk/write_ops_count

Potential impacts

When AWS API Polling, Azure Polling, and GCP integrations are enabled, additional metrics may incur data ingestion costs at 3 to 4KB per metric per host.

Contact support.newrelic.com to enable these metrics on-demand.

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