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Interactive scorecards added to the infrastructure UI

June 26, 2022

Dive into hosts, apps, events, and alerts

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Adding to the new infrastructure UI that we launched in May, we've made the "scorecard" element (at the top of the page) interactive! But as a reminder, the original static scorecard gave you an at-a-glance estate view, so you could see the status and count of Hosts, Applications, and Events (dynamically adjusted as data is filtered), along with an Alerts activity stream to understand overall system health.

So what's new? The new interactive scorecards are, well, interactive. Here's what you get now:

  • Hosts: Filter by host and see host metadata.
  • Applications: Filter by application, and click to go directly to the APM page.
  • Events: Click to go directly to the events page.
  • Alerting: See the activity stream of alerts for the top 25 hosts.

Read the Documentation to learn more.

A screenshot showing interactive scorecards.

A screenshot showing interactive scorecards.
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