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Get precise dashboard filtering using template variables

November 30, 2022

Template variables, a new advanced feature, let you create dynamic dashboards that are easier to navigate and filter through

Template variables are now available for New Relic dashboards! They are placeholders in your NRQL queries that your dashboard users can assign values to. Once a value is assigned, the relevant dashboard widget(s) update to reflect the change.

With template variables, you can:

  • Get all filtering controls in one place: The new variables filter bar better informs your dashboard users of values that are important to filter by, which makes it easier to understand what changes are made with each filter selection.
  • Get more precise results: Selecting a value for a template variable only applies to the widget(s) that include that specific variable placeholder. So, data from other widgets that are irrelevant to the filter remain visible.
  • Turn your dashboards into templates: Have your variables pull from a dynamic list of values that’s generated from a query. This allows your dashboard to move from one account to another without having its functionality inhibited or you redoing your widgets’ queries every time.

Please visit our blog and docs page to learn more about how template variables are used and how to get started.

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