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New infrastructure monitoring interface now available

November 30, 2021

New time-travel and troubleshooting workflows for DevOps, SRE, and IT Ops teams make it possible to quickly pinpoint and isolate offending on-premises, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure components, determine incident blast radius, and identify root cause.

New infrastructure monitoring customer preview launches today

Today we're releasing the preview of an enhanced New Relic infrastructure monitoring experience to help DevOps, SRE, and IT Operations teams quickly pinpoint offending infrastructure components, determine incident blast radiuses, and identify the root cause.

New infrastruction monitoring user interface New infrastructure monitoring interface makes it easy to find possible issues.


  1. Pinpoint bottlenecks instantly using Lookout to know where to focus your attention.
  2. Be proactive and find potential infrastructure issues before they affect your customers.
  3. Quantify blast radius and determine the impact of an incident by visualizing the up and downstream dependencies using automap.
  4. Investigate root cause by analyzing related entities, logs, alerts, events, golden signals, network metrics, and more all in context and in a unified experience to identify the root cause and resolve issues faster.

Automap with timewarp Automap shows topology and the blast radius. Timewarp helps to find what and when an issue happened.

With our new infrastructure monitoring experience, we’ve doubled down on providing real-time troubleshooting workflows while incorporating broader platform context and unique topology visualizations into our user experience.

Check out our new infrastructure monitoring experience and tell us what you think. New Relic customers can start using it today, without any additional cost. Find it in New Relic One within the main menu under Infrastructure > Hosts New.

Note: as of December 13th, 2021, the new infrastructure monitoring experience is available in the EU.

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