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Troubleshoot performance and crash issues faster with New Relic's real-time Java profiling

November 3, 2020

New Relic is excited to announce the availability of real-time Java profiling using Java Flight Recorder (JFR).

We’ve built a unified dashboard that helps you get immediate visibility for all your Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) to understand cluster behavior over time. As you dig into each JVM, you can see a wealth of profiling data that enables you to quickly diagnose and address bottlenecks in code performance, locked threads, inefficient garbage collection (GC), and memory leaks.

You can deploy the New Relic Java Flight Recorder (JFR) daemon to enable this new capability, with or without the New Relic Java agent. If you do use the Java agent, the New Relic profiler for Java also correlates JVM profile data with relevant distributed traces and logs, so that you can troubleshoot performance faster and all in one place.

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