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iOS agent v7.4.4

April 17, 2023Download

Fixed in this release

  • Fixed an issue with the agent that could cause a crash when releasing the Payload object.
  • Fixed an issue with the agent that could cause crashes during web view instrumentation.

Other notes

  • Apple no longer supports bitcode-based submissions to the App Store. The New Relic iOS agent should not be used with bitcode-based apps. The included dSYM upload script will not work with bitcode-based apps.

  • Deprecation notice: The 7.4.0 version introduced a new Swift symbol upload script. See installation instructions for details on how to update to the new script. In a future version of the iOS agent, the Python-based symbol upload scripts will be removed.

  • This artifact was built using Xcode 14.2 with a minimum deployment target of iOS version 9.0. Compatible with CocoaPods 1.10 or higher and Swift Package Manager. The agent should be used with the latest Xcode version (Xcode 14.2 at the time of release).

  • For Mac Catalyst, the zip file installation may integrate more easily than using CocoaPods.

Support statement

  • As of iOS agent version 7.4.1, the iOS agent will consolidate previously separate XCFramework and tvOS agents into a singular iOS agent.
  • As of this release, the oldest supported version of the XCFramework is 7.3.1.
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