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iOS agent release notesRSS

June 28, 2013
iOS agent v1.354


This release fixes several customer-reported performance problems when using New Relic for iOS

  • prevents agent from adding duplicate X-NewRelic-ID headers to outgoing requests
  • prevents agent from interfering with HTTP cacheing
  • fixes potential crash if available heap space is exhausted

May 31, 2013
iOS agent v1.342


Stability Release

This release addresses a potential floating point exception in NRStatsEngine triggered by a race condition.

ASIHttpRequest Improvement

This release adds mobile-server correlation of HTTP requests when using the ASIHttpRequest library. Previously these requests would not be linked to the corresponding transaction in the application server view.

April 22, 2013
iOS agent v1.328



  • Improve performance of certain concurrent networking operations in iOS 6
  • Correct errors effecting certain uses of UIWebView AJAX activity
  • Remove dependency on NSJSONSerialization when app is run on iOS 4
  • Prevent situation where some HTTP redirects were not reported to application

March 29, 2013
iOS agent v1.309



  • Improved verbose logging


  • Fixes a circular strong reference memory leak of NSURLRequest
  • Ensures connection:didSendBodyData:totalBytesWritten:totalBytesExpectedToWrite: is dispatched to the correct thread

March 13, 2013
iOS agent v1.300


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