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Changes in curated dashboards

November 30, 2018

Changes in curated dashboards

New Relic infrastructure integrations will not automatically create new dashboards in New Relic Insights when an integration is enabled.

Instead, curated dashboards for On-host and Cloud integrations data will be embedded in the New Relic Infrastructure UI, and they can be reached from the following links:

  • On-host integrations:
  • AWS integrations:
  • Azure integrations:
  • GCP integrations:

Please refer to the transition guide and the Infrastructure integration dashboards and charts documentation for more details about the new pre-built integration dashboards.

Note the existing curated dashboards that had been automatically created in New Relic Insights through the InfrastructurePro@newrelic.com user are still available. These dashboards won't be automatically updated anymore, but now you can edit and remove them. By default, they have the same name as the dashboard in New Relic Infrastructure, that takes this format:

  • For on-host integrations: <Integration name>
  • For cloud integrations: <Integration name> - <Linked account name>

Other changes

  • The former systemErrors metric in the AWS DynamoDB integration is now reported in several different metrics which represent the total number of requests that generate an HTTP 500 status per operation type. Please refer to AWS DynamoDB monitoring integration for details.


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