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Ruby agent v3.15.2.317

April 25, 2016Download


  • Run explain plans on parameterized slow queries in AR4

    In our ActiveRecord 4 instrumentation, we moved to tracing slow queries using the payloads from ActiveSupport::Notifications sql.active_record events. As a result, we were unable to run explain plans on parameterized queries. This has now been updated to pass along and use the parameter values, when available, to get the explain plans.

  • Fix getMore metric grouping issue in Mongo 2.2.x instrumentation

    A metric grouping issue had cropped up when using the most recent Mongo gem (2.2.0) with the most recent release of the server (3.2.4). We now have a more future-proof setup for preventing these.

  • Restore older DataMapper support after password obfuscation fix

    Back in 3.14.3, we released a fix to avoid inadvertently sending sensitive information from DataMapper SQLErrors. Our implementation did not account for DataMapper versions below v0.10.0 not implementing the #options accessor. Thanks Bram de Vries for the fix to our fix!

  • Padrino 0.13.1 Support

    Users with Padrino 0.13.x apps were previously seeing the default transaction name "(unknown)" for all of their routes. We now provide the full Padrino route template in transaction names, including any parameter placeholders. Thanks Robert Schulze for the contribution!

  • Update transaction naming for Grape 0.16.x

    In Grape 0.16.x, route_ methods are no longer prefixed. Thanks to Daniel Doubrovkine for the contribution!

  • Fix name collision on method created for default metric name fix

    We had a name collision with the yard gem, which sets a class_name method on Module. We've renamed our internal method to derived_class_name instead.

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