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Ruby agent v3.12.1.298

June 30, 2015Download


  • More granular Database metrics for ActiveRecord 3 and 4

    Database metrics recorded for non-SELECT operations (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, etc.) on ActiveRecord 3 and 4 now include the model name that the query was being executed against, allowing you to view these queries broken down by model on the Datastores page. Thanks to Bill Kayser for reporting this issue!

  • Support for Multiverse testing third party gems

    The Ruby agent has rich support for testing multiple gem versions, but previously that wasn't accessible to third party gems. Now you can now simply require 'task/multiverse' in your Rakefile to access the same test:multiverse task that New Relic uses itself. For more details, see Multiverse: Test against multiple gem versions

  • Use Sidekiq 3.x's error handler

    Sidekiq versions 3.0 or higher provide an error handler for internal and middleware related failures. Failures at these points were previously unseen by the Ruby agent, but now they are properly traced.

  • Better error messages for common configuration problems with Capistrano

    Templating errors in newrelic.yml would result in obscure error messages during Capistrano deployments. These messages now more properly reflect the root cause of the errors.

  • newrelic_ignore methods allow strings

    The newrelic_ignore methods previously only supported passing symbols, and would quietly ignore any strings passed. Now strings can be passed as well to get the intuitive ignoring behavior you'd expect.

  • Replace DNS resolver for Resque jobs with Resolv

    In some circumstances customers with a very high number of short-lived Resque jobs were experiencing deadlocks during DNS resolution. Resolv is an all Ruby DNS resolver that replaces the libc implementation to prevent these deadlocks.

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