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Node.js agent v2.0.0-beta

August 4, 2016Download


You must read and agree to the Beta Agreement before using this beta version of the agent.

Dropped support for Node.js 0.6 and 0.8 as well as node-mysql package versions < 1.0.0.

New features

  • Improved API for writing instrumentation.

    Introduced new classes for writing instrumentation, Shim and DatastoreShim. These classes along with the new newrelic.instrument and newrelic.instrumentDatastore methods make writing 3rd party instrumentation much easier.

  • Rewrote instrumentation for Cassandra, Redis, ioredis, MySQL, and MongoDB.

    These instrumentations were rewritten using the new DatastoreShim interface. Their functionality is largely unchanged but the new code should be easier to maintain and extend.

  • Added public API documentation.

    Documentation for the New Relic agent API has been generated using JSDoc and is now hosted on GitHub at https://newrelic.github.io/node-newrelic. There you can find documentation on the new classes as well as the pre-existing API methods.

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