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Node.js agent v1.3.2

February 14, 2014


The end-of-life date for this agent version is July 29, 2019. To update to the latest agent version, see Update the agent. For more information, see End-of-life policy.


Includes a nearly total rewrite of the connection layer that the module uses to communicate with New Relic's servers:

  • More useful logs! All of the logging has been reviewed closely to maximize its value and usefulness at pretty much every level. In practice, this means that the messages logged at 'info' and higher should only be for things that are relevant to you as a customer, and at 'debug' and 'trace' should be much more useful for us when we help you isolate issues with New Relic in your applications.
  • See data faster! As part of the connection handshake with New Relic, the module will now send any performance metrics gathered during the startup cycle immediately, instead of waiting a minute for the first full harvest cycle.
  • Get data to New Relic more reliably! When the module has issues connecting to New Relic, it's more consistent and resilient about holding your performance data for later delivery.
  • Use less bandwidth! Performance data delivery to New Relic is now sequential instead of simultaneous. This means that the bandwidth used by New Relic will be less bursty, especially on hosts running many instrumented applications (or cluster workers).
  • Better implementation! There were a number of architectural problems with the old version of the connection layer, which (among other things) made it difficult to test. The new version is simpler, has a much cleaner API, and has many, many more tests.
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