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.NET agent v8.19.353.0

October 1, 2019Download

New Features

  • .NET agent installation procedures have been simplified for Windows environments enabling you to more easily monitor .NET Core applications. Our standard installation procedures use a single MSI installer to install support for both .NET Framework and .NET Core applications. If you previously only monitored .NET Framework applications then nothing changes for you. If you were previously installing our .NET Core support using one of our manual install procedures you may need to port any custom modifications you have made to your newrelic.config and any XML custom instrumentation you have applied to the new install location.
  • Trace Accessors APIs: two new API calls to obtain information used to support tracing.
    • TraceMetadata - returns a property with access to the following:
      • TraceId - the currently executing trace's identifier.
      • SpanId - the currently executing span's identifier.
      • IsSampled - returns whether or not the current transaction is part of a sampled distributed trace.
    • GetLinkingMetadata - returns key/value pairs which can be used to correlate this application in the New Relic backend.


  • [.NET Framework] Fix an issue in WCF instrumentation where multiple transactions were created for a call to a WCF service endpoint that used the begin/end async pattern.
  • [.NET Core] Fix an application crash bug on Alpine Linux.


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