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.NET agent v4.3.123.0

April 16, 2015


The end-of-life date for this agent version is July 29, 2019. To update to the latest agent version, see Update the agent. For more information, see End-of-life policy.

New Features

  • Non-web transactions can now report Apdex scores. This can be done by marking a non-web transaction as Key Transaction and setting its Apdex threshold to the desired time (in seconds). This allows monitoring and alerting based on this score as well as configuration of thresholds that make sense for long-running or faster background transactions.


  • Fixed a bug that caused WebApi applications to intermittently throw exceptions under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Browser Monitoring autoinjection to increase application memory usage.
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to load newrelic.config from web root on a network share would fail.
  • Fixed RUM auto-injection for default pages in WebForms applications running on .NET 3.5 or lower in integrated pipeline mode.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes transaction events wouldn't be sent to Insights.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes error traces wouldn't be sent to APM.
  • Thread profiles of .NET agent instrumented applications now only contain data in the Other bucket.
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